Our Mission

I have a passion for well-chosen words and can obsess over selecting just the right tone to deliver a message. But also I love the power of a simple symbol.  An image can transcend language and communicate something universal. Stand at a busy intersection just about anywhere in the world and you’ll know when it’s time to safely cross.

We also know the power of a symbol as a brand.   Who ever thought that an uncomplicated rendering of a partially eaten apple could be so potent?

For my own “brand”, the strength and vitality of the mighty oak, which traditionally symbolizes life, endurance and courage, was the perfect image.   The oak stands strong through all things.

And then there’s its seed, the rugged and adorably capped acorn. Through the ages it has indicated power, growth and potential.

The mission of Oak City Integrative Health Coaching is to collaborate with and support clients who wish to prosper and achieve optimal and balanced health and wellbeing. Together we’ll tap into your strengths, create a sustainable plan for growth and unleash unlimited potential for your wellness—and your life!